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Exclusive HSJ's interview with Luciana Diniz

The protagonist of this week's "HSJ's Interview" is one of the most important riders in the international show jumping scene, Luciana Diniz, born in San Paulo, Brazil, in 1970. She changed her nationality to Portuguese in 2006, at the age of 36, eighteen years after leaving for Europe to begin her career as a professional rider.
As Luciana told us, the passion for horses has always characterized her family: 


Marcus Ehning auf Luciana Diniz‘ Pferden?

Marcus Ehning auf Luciana Diniz‘ Pferden? am 23. September 2020 um 12:45. Wer sich gewundert hat, wieso auf einer Fanpage von Marcus Ehning auf Instagram ein Video gepostet wurde, auf dem Ehning Luciana Diniz‘ Vertigo du Desert springt – das ist keine neue Paarung!



Luciana Diniz live interview at Benfica Independet

From Portugal


No oitavo episódio do programa #Atétokyo​​ conversamos com Luciana Diniz, cavaleira na modalidade de saltos de obstáculos com presença assegurada nos jogos olímpicos. Visitem o nosso site: Apoiem o projecto no Patreon:

'A Moment in Time Podcast' with sports psychologist Jean Cyrille. Jean and Luciana discuss how he assisted Luciana to ride her horse Dover in the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 for the first time for Portugal. Dover was not considered to be up to the task because if his age, his diminutive size and because he would be at his absolute maximum over the huge fences they would face. Watch and see how Luciana, Dover and Jean achieved what was not thought possible.e give, thereby creating predictability and security for the horse, making him confident and relaxed in any situation. 

Listen to several experts in a variety of equestrian topics.

A moment in time podcast

Jean Cyrille

Delilah Cuddihy

A Moment in Time Podcast’ with Irish student of Equitation Science International Delilah Cuddihy and Lucina discuss what Delilah has so far learned about training horses using Equitation Science, as a basis for training in all competitive disciplines, where welfare of the horse and meeting its natural ethogram needs are paramount.


with Luciana

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Talk with Luciana

and her Experts

Jean Cyrille

Sports psychologist

Dr. Maria Santina Moral 

FEI Official Veterinarian

Bettina Hallifax

Life coach

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LD Art


LD Art Collection inspired by the masters of painting, made especially for Luciana Diniz by Urban Arts.

Product for sale in Brazil only.

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