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The Butterfly Method®


What does the Butterfly Method® mean?

My comprehensive Butterfly Method enables improvement in riding and greater personal development. The jumping exercises will strengthen your technique, your riding skills and your emotional well-being, while the Butterfly Experience will enhance your spiritual growth.

One of the intentions of the Butterfly Method is to provide a “safety net” to build confidence among horses and riders while jumping courses.

What does the symbol of the butterfly mean?

The butterfly stands for infinite possibilities of body and emotional change. It inspires us to move from difficulties to resolutions, from uncertainties to success, from dreams to goals and, finally, the reality of a fulfilled life.


Butterfly Method® is using four tools:

Butterfly Exercises

The Butterfly Experience, which includes the Butterfly Exercises and the Butterfly Selfie, brings joy throughout the whole process.


Is about having goals, living in the present moment, to make choices to work towards the dreams, transforming them into reality.

Think – Act - Live

A way of living.

The 8 Aspects Reinforcing Program

It’s a video series with Luciana Diniz experts that can make a difference in your life


And the strategy

My strategy is

Think Act Live

Think - are you thinking positively? 
Act - Are you ready to act in the moment? Over time? 
Live - Are you living the life you want to live?

What is the
Butterfly Method® for?

My Butterfly Method represents transformation in riding and in
personal development.


It is for everybody – not only for riders!

What are the

G.R.O.W. philosophy?

My philosophy is G.R.O.W. for a fulfilled life:

G. set your goals

R. what is your reality?

O. what are your options?

W. put goals into work


Turn your goals into a daily reality.


What does the 8-Aspects mean?

My Butterfly Method is based on a holistic approach of 8-Aspects that I find  are essential in my life.


These 8-Aspects are:

1. Self awareness

2. Dreams & Goals

3. Activities

4. Body & Mind

5. Emotions

6. Connections

7. Success

8. Energy

  • Who are the Luciana Diniz products for?
    - passionate equestrians - Luciana’s followers - showjumping riders - dressage riders - cross country riders - hobby riders - riders in all walks of life - trainers and professional riders in any category and any level
  • What are the products of the Luciana Diniz Brand?
    - The products within the Luciana Diniz Academy (click on Academy) - Clothing range, horse apparel, horse call, hats, pens, mugs and art
  • What is the Luciana Diniz Academy?
    This is a teaching equestrian riding skills and life coaching academy made up of training programmes addressing both horse riding and human emotional needs, both professional and amateur riders and non-riders using elearning tools and live events.
  • What is the Mission and Vision of the Luciana Diniz Academy?
    Our mission and vision is to make all our clients even more successful as riders, trainers, coaches and equestrian enthusiasts, no matter what their starting point is, no matter what their difficulties might be or whether they are five-star sport competitors, beginners or even non-riders.
  • What are the products of the Luciana Diniz Academy?
    - GROWRIDE2rideGreat: where clients can come with or without their horses (as arranged every year in several countries worldwide) and participate in a special training program for horses and riders. - Luciana Diniz Butterfly Method: online e-learning and certification course combining riding exercises and the psychological expertise to get you there. -Luciana Diniz Butterfly Exercises: experiences and live training clinics where riders and horses can come and participate, Train the Trainer & Master coach, Butterfly Training days. - Luciana Diniz ‘My way’ Masterclass: series of training videos, starting with level 1, ‘Fundamentals’. - Books: to date, Luciana has written two books, Fit 4 Gold (about her journey to and during the Rio Olympics with her horse ‘Fit For Fun’) and ‘Jump 4 your Dreams’ (all about Luciana, her horses, and about the Butterfly Method and its unique philosophy). - Workbook: a workbook to help riders plan, organize and prepare themselves for success in the ring. - Webinars: live, interactive sessions with highly skilled mental sports coaches, riders, trainers and Luciana herself. Webinars are spaces for questions and answers, opportunities and support for participants in many equestrian-related topics (mental sports coaching, veterinary expertise, riding courses and strategies, organizational and planning skills for competitors). Podcasts: listen to various experts in a variety of equestrian fields discuss relevant topics and issues.
  • What are Luciana's work methods?
    Luciana uses the Butterfly Method in all her work.
  • What is the Butterfly Method?
    The Butterfly Method is composed of the Butterfly Exercises (riding) and the Butterfly Experience (focus on well-being). It is an open-hearted method to improve your riding skills and your holistic self. It focuses on getting the best out of each horse and rider partnership. The butterfly represents changes in riding and in personal development. It is for everyone, not only riders. It adopts the GROW philosophy (goals, reality, options, and work). It is a program with 8 aspects covering realistic physical and mental goal setting using the ‘think, act and live’ strategy.
  • Why is the Butterfly Method effective?
    It is effective because of its simple way of teaching, starting at the level of the horse and rider partnership. The partnership will improve dramatically by working through every riding exercise and learning day. It is simple and full of comprehensive content to help you achieve your goals. It is unique!
  • Why is the Butterfly Method unique?
    The Butterfly Method is unique because of its holistic and riding-oriented approach to the education of all equestrians, not only riders: you can come to improve as a rider or trainer of riders, but you will finish the program with a much bigger feeling of transformation to becoming a successful person yourself, not only in your riding and your training, but also in your life, your work and your relationships with others and with the environment.
  • How does the Butterfly Method transform lives?
    When you enroll in the Butterfly Method course, we will guide you to free yourself from your fears, anxieties, uncertainties, doubts and problems (both as a rider and trainer and as an individual in your daily life). We do this by first giving you the skills to identify where your personal needs are, using the Butterfly Experience, the point at which your transformation begins.
  • What are GROW RIDE 2RideGreat?
    G.R.O.W. is an established philosophy, and GROW RIDE 2RideGreat is a life-changing experience to unleash human potential, in a two-way horse and rider learning experience, in which participants receive tools to transform riding and personal goals into a daily reality. These training clinics are from 1 day to 5 days for riders, non-riders, entrepreneurs and family. It can even also be tailor-made to meet individual requirements.
  • Where do GROW RIDE 2RideGreat happen?
    They are worldwide, wherever the student’s demand takes us! To date we have held clinics in China, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Portugal. We can come to your country! All you have to do is send us an email!
  • Why are GROW RIDE 2RideGreat effective?
    Luciana is an adamant believer that it is essential for the horse and rider to be in balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and this is the focus of the content of GROW RIDE 2RideGreat.
  • What is the Butterfly Method Certificate?
    This is a certificate you will be awarded when you enrol in the Butterfly Method training programme and pass each stage of the eLearning and live training stages. Butterfly Method Trainer Certificate - this certificate is for riders, trainers and non-rider, passionate equestrians to teach their students using the Butterfly Method This certificate means that you will be qualified to teach others under the Luciana Diniz Academy name.
  • What are the benefits of the Butterfly Method Trainer Certificate?
    - You become qualified to train under the Luciana Diniz brand name. - Financial gain from reaching new students, because of the LD Academy training. - Participate and be paid as a Master Class coach with Luciana Diniz on training days around the world.
  • What is the Luciana Diniz ‘My way Masterclass' Series?
    This is a series of training videos using the Butterfly Method, starting with the fundamentals of riding (video 1, Fundamentals), moving through all 16 videos of increasing challenges for riders and horses.
  • Why is Luciana Diniz ‘My Way’ Masterclass’ series an outstanding product?
    The Luciana Diniz ‘My way Masterclass’ series has an all-in-one approach to equestrianism. It features Luciana herself doing every aspect of the videos, from basic mucking out the horses to riding very big fences! This masterclass is full of entertainment and composed of e-learning material with a quiz competition, homework and interaction.

My Butterfly Method® has

the power to transform


  • your doubts into confidence and self-assurance

  • chaos and confusion into harmony and flow

  • conflict into resolution

  • anxiety and a need to rush into patience

  • fear into confidence, power and trust

Are you ready to come and join us?
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