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I am very happy to announce this wonderful opportunity:

My Way Masterclass is now available at ClipMyHorse.TV

Here you can find the videos of My WayMasterclass on ClipMyHorse.TV. 

It is important that you use this link to come to the International Academy of ClipMyHorse.TV🎓 If you have a non-german-speaking access to ClipMyHorse.TV then you can also simply click on the Academy Button to find the videos.

Mit diesem Link:
kommt man direkt zu den Videos. Dieses sind in der Englischen Academy untergebracht und ganz einfach zu finden. Ist nur wichtig, dass man nicht über einen deutschsprachigen Link in die Academy geht, ansonsten kriegt man nicht die Internationale Academy angezeigt.

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My poem

Send us your poem/art to our e-mail

LD Art


LD Art Collection inspired by the masters of painting, made especially for Luciana Diniz by Urban Arts.

Product for sale in Brazil only.

To view the complete picture please click on it.


Luciana Diniz & Equisense Technology

Luciana Diniz, world Olympic rider, and Equisense have joined forces to offer you a Masterclass that will help you reach your sporting goals while tracking your data session after session.

Through 12 detailed videos, Luciana offers you her expertise, her pedagogy and her advice to progress and improve your riding capabilities and your mental capacity to advance in training.”

Equisense, a company specialized in connected sensors, allows you to follow your data objectively, and to be aware of your progress throughout the Masterclass with more than twenty indicators.

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Welcome to my LD Ambassador Program.
It is a great opportunity to become Ambassadors of my brand Luciana Diniz and the Butterfly Method.
I'm looking for ambassadors to spread my philosophy all around the world.

Riders or non riders who are followers of Luciana’s Butterfly Method and exercises can enter to win all her products for FREE! 

All you have to do is EASY, just make a video telling Luciana your story, what are YOU passionate and why she should pick YOU...

...and send your video to answering the questions that you will receive by email.

Become an LD ambassador!

Luciana will choose the ambassadors stories that touch her heart.

They will be part of her Ambassador Program and will receive her complete MWM series, 8 Aspects Reinforcement Programs and ebooks. 


She will also share the winning ambassador videos in her social media channels. 


The chosen ambassadors will automatically  become affiliators for the program,with the potential opportunity to earn a percentage of any products sold, as Luciana continues to produce new episodes for the series. 


Luciana Diniz Affiliate Program

Apply Now

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact soon.


Luciana Diniz Affiliate Program

Promote LD online courses and make a business out of it.

An Affiliate is a person with an innovative mindset, and willing to use the Internet in her favor. Affiliates make money by promoting links of digital products made available on a Distance Learning Platform. And then they earn commissions for every sale made through the links they shared.


Use your audience or take advantage of tools to promote links and earn excellent commission on every sale as a Luciana Diniz Affiliate Member.

What do you need to become an Affiliate?


Affiliates can sign up for free and the requisites are:

  • Have a valid email address;

  • Have a valid ID and be over 18 years of age;

  • Have or create an account with HotPay or Payoneer.

Step by step to become an LD affiliate:

1 - Go to the menu Masterclasses icon.

2 - Press the BUY NOW button for the product or products you want to sell.

3 - Click on HOTMART MARKETPLACE at the top left of the page to be directed to the Hotmart website

4 - Press the button I WANT TO SELL ON HOTMART

5 - Create an account with your data

6 - Login

7 - Go to Market

8 - Write the exact product you want to sell

9 - Click on ''You are already an Affiliate''

10 - Get a promotional link for each product you want to promote,

send to your friends or network and earn money from it.

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