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Welcome to my Academy


An equestrian riding skills and life coaching academy. It is a combined e-learning and live training program made of videos, webinars, training tools and live clinics, which addresses both horse riding and human emotional needs, all culminating in multiple avenues for success for its clients. The Luciana Diniz Academy is for all riding enthusiasts, trainers and coaches in all fields of horsemanship – both professional and amateur, riders and non-riders.

The aim of this academy is to cater for all levels of equestrian riders and enthusiasts. We certify trainers and coaches in a training program called the Butterfly Method, the methodology and philosophy at the basis of all training programs in the Luciana Diniz Academy.

The academy supports its clients throughout their journey to success with their horses, using the Luciana Diniz range of interactive e-learning tools, live webinars, customized lesson videos and riding clinics where clients can come and train with us.

The Luciana Diniz Academy trains its clients in this tried and tested, holistic and psychological riding program that has been carefully created and crafted based on Luciana's experience as a rider, using some of the same techniques she uses every day.

Luciana wants you to join the Luciana Diniz Academy and learn to succeed for yourself, like she has.


What is the Luciana Diniz Academy?

This is a teaching equestrian riding skills and life coaching academy made up of training programmes addressing both horse riding and human emotional needs, both professional and amateur riders and non-riders using elearning tools and live events.

What is the Mission and Vision of the Luciana Diniz Academy?

Our mission and vision is to make all our clients even more successful as riders, trainers, coaches and equestrian enthusiasts, no matter what their starting point is, no matter what their difficulties might be or whether they are five-star sport competitors, beginners or even non-riders.

What are the products of the Luciana Diniz Academy?

- GROWRIDE2rideGreat: where clients can come with or without their horses (as arranged every year in several countries worldwide) and participate in a special training program for horses and riders.

- Luciana Diniz Butterfly Method: online e-learning and certification course combining riding exercises and the psychological expertise to get you there.

-Luciana Diniz Butterfly Exercises: experiences and live training clinics where riders and horses can come and participate, Train the Trainer & Master coach, Butterfly Training days.

- Luciana Diniz ‘My way’ Masterclass: series of training videos, starting with level 1, ‘Fundamentals’.

- Books: to date, Luciana has written two books, Fit 4 Gold (about her journey to and during the Rio Olympics with her horse ‘Fit For Fun’) and ‘Jump 4 your Dreams’ (all about Luciana, her horses, and about the Butterfly Method and its unique philosophy).

- Workbook: a workbook to help riders plan, organize and prepare themselves for success in the ring.

- Webinars: live, interactive sessions with highly skilled mental sports coaches, riders, trainers and Luciana herself. Webinars are spaces for questions and answers, opportunities and support for participants in many equestrian-related topics (mental sports coaching, veterinary expertise, riding courses and strategies, organizational and planning skills for competitors).

Podcasts: listen to various experts in a variety of equestrian fields discuss relevant topics and issues.

My Way


A video series created for educational purposes and addressing the Butterfly Method. It will help YOU improve your riding abilities, as well as your set of skills and knowledge in the equestrian and psychological fields.

1 Fundamentals
  • Be one with your horse

  • Flatwork

  • Distances

  • Cavaletti and Poles on the ground

2 Lemniscate
  • Balance

  • Breathing

  • Lemniscate exercise

3 Shamrock
  • Mental training

  • Shamrock exercise

4 Butterfly
  • Morning routine

  • Butterfly selfie

  • Butterfly exercise


with Luciana

#1 Success with my Butterfly Method 


Whether you are a professional or an ambitious amateur, whether you want to win the Grand Prix in a jump-off or just bring a little variety into your training. My Butterfly Method will take you and your horse to a whole new level. The key to success lies within yourself. And I will help you to find it. Let's start together. Jump for your dreams. Your first training session is waiting for you - free of charge. Register and start today! 




GROW RIDE 2 RideGreat is a unique multi-day riding clinic of 2, 3 or 4 days. During these clinic you will receive lessons from Luciana, but also from the coaches she has personally used for years to become (or continue to belong to) the world top.

Horse riding is a team effort in which everything has to be in balance. Therefore, in addition to riding, attention is also paid to, for example, dealing with competitive tension, sports psychology, rider fitness and setting personal goals and how to achieve them.

Join Luciana’s events and grow as a rider and person.

What are GROW RIDE 2RideGreat?

G.R.O.W. is an established philosophy, and GROW RIDE 2RideGreat is a life-changing experience to unleash human potential, in a two-way horse and rider learning experience, in which participants receive tools to transform riding and personal goals into a daily reality. These training clinics are from 1 day to 5 days for riders, non-riders, entrepreneurs and family. It can even also be tailor-made to meet individual requirements.

Where do GROW RIDE 2RideGreat happen?

They are worldwide, wherever the student’s demand takes us!

To date we have held clinics in China, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Portugal. We can come to your country! All you have to do is send us an email!

Why are GROW RIDE 2RideGreat effective?

Luciana is an adamant believer that it is essential for the horse and rider to be in balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and this is the focus of the content of GROW RIDE 2RideGreat.

A moment in time podcast

Listen to several experts in a variety of equestrian topics.

'A Moment in Time Podcast' with sports psychologist Jean Cyrille. Jean and Luciana discuss how he assisted Luciana to ride her horse Dover in the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 for the first time for Portugal. Dover was not considered to be up to the task because if his age, his diminutive size and because he would be at his absolute maximum over the huge fences they would face. Watch and see how Luciana, Dover and Jean achieved what was not thought possible.e give, thereby creating predictability and security for the horse, making him confident and relaxed in any situation. 

‚A Moment in Time Podcast’ with Irish student of Equitation Science International Delilah Cuddihy and Lucina discuss what Delilah has so far learned about training horses using Equitation Science, as a basis for training in all competitive disciplines, where welfare of the horse and meeting its natural ethogram needs are paramount.


The 8-Aspect

Reinforcement Program

I created The 8-Aspects Reinforcement Program together with the experts that made a difference in my life to support you on this transforming e- learning curve, which gives you tools to practice in your daily life.


Understand your horse properly - and use this knowledge to deal with them properly. Learn the language of horses
-> with Horsemanship professional Leo Rauscher


Emotions determine our lives. Identify the causes of your blockages and start your journey to emotional freedom
-> with Meditation Coach
Bettina Hallifax


Preparation for competitions: Use mental imagery to focus and feel good and positive. Do your physical and mental warm up
-> with Sports Mental Trainer
Jean-Cyrille Lecop


Equine Sport Therapy means: Optimisation of the well-being by well in functioning working body. Helping hands, sharp view and true feeling
-> with Sporthorsetherapist
Karin Link


Qi Gong gives your power strength and is a fantastic way to get your mind and body in a flow. Perfect mind set to connect with your horse
-> with Qi Gong Master Coach
Frederik Nelting


Special Offer for non-riders

GROW Corporate Workshop

I want to share my success secrets with YOU and YOUR company. Because - as a business woman - I know that a successful company needs willpower, leadership, senses and aroused emotions. THE GROW CORPORATE WORKSHOP contains everything I do for my personal path to success. It is a rich learning environment for people to reach their maximum potential to fly in sports and in life and also in a worldwide movement. As a unique experience with a holistic view, the workshop unleashes the hidden talents within each individual - from the inside out - in a dynamic and joyful way!

A multidisciplinary workshop to develop leadership, self-knowledge and team spirit in its participants, in addition to improving psychomotricity and driving change and personal growth. Horses are our vital allies in this process.

All the program's contents are training experiences related to Equus Coaching, which is a form of coaching where horses are part of the team. Activities take place during one or two days. People with or without equestrian experience may join. All exercises are adjusted to each group's particularities – for instance, co-workers, families, or others.

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Books, e-Books and Workbooks

Luciana has written two books: Fit 4 Gold (about her journey to and during the Rio Olympics with her horse ‘Fit For Fun’) and ‘Jump 4 your Dreams’ (all about Luciana, her horses to date, and about the Butterfly Method and her unique philosophy) and the Workbook: a workbook to help riders plan, organize and prepare themselves for success in the ring.

livro 2.png

This book is a template for All that is Luciana; her story, her horses, all she believes in. It’s also a training manual complete with advice on all aspects of horse care, riding, jumping exercises and also how to organize yourself mentally and physically to be your best - all you need to get you started on your way. Read on and be inspired…

livro 1.png

The journey from preparation to execution at the Rio Olympics – Luciana and her horse Fit For Fun take you on their up and down pendulum journey; from Olympic preparation for Rio to the daily experience of being part of the Olympic competitors' village, the competitions, through to the individual jumping final. Read on and re-live their fascinating and challenging journey …

and Pocket book
coming soon