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Press release 22/12/21

I am so excited to present you my LATEST NEWS on my WEBSITE, with so much for you to learn and enjoy watching. You will GAIN an INSIGHT into what I have learned from my Masters, my 4 legs friends, in the last three decades. 

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Luciana Diniz



Dear Friends,


Today is Sunday, traditionally a day of rest around the world.

This particular Sunday, is a very special one for me.


It’s a wonderful day today, not only because the sun is shining and my horses are resting at home and happy, and my kids are happy playing their tennis in different parts of the world, but mainly because I’m about to change my life in ways that I could never do before.



Noelle Floyd Podcast - Riding and training horses is a long game.

You can work on it for a lifetime and still won’t know it all. This is one of the best things about the sport, but it also means that - just like a long marriage - we have to work at keeping our minds right and continue to find the joy.

This can be even more profound when you’re a top athlete in the sport and are often faced with major disappointment, heartbreak, loss, and tough decisions that come with advancing up the leaderboard, buying and selling horses, etc. 


Luciana Diniz “A felicidade não está no destino, Tóquio, mas no caminho até lá chegar”

Luciana Diniz diz que começou a montar a cavalo ainda antes de nascer. Filha de uma experiente atleta de dressage e oito vezes campeã brasileira da modalidade, Lica Diniz, e de Arnaldo Diniz, um reconhecido jogador de polo, Luciana cresceu no seio de uma família movida pela competição desportiva.

Começou por seguir os passos da mãe na dressage, modalidade de equitação em que se avalia a arte de montar e o modo como o animal executa determinados exercícios...


Insight in unheard needs – From silence to action – a compass for a new world from Dr. Manfred Nelting. 

The first season of The 8 aspects Reinforcing Program introduced one of my masters Frederik Nelting and his abilities in the art of Qi Gong. 
Now, the Nelting’s family, which is a very inspiring family serving for a better world is coming again in our lives with a german inspiring book about children’s education.

 A work that gives children a voice in a time when, more than ever, they are unheard! This is how we learn to master the pandemic for a livable world AFTERWARDS!

Dr. Manfred Nelting: (Dr. for Psychosomatic Medicine and Owner of the Gezeiten Haus Hospital Group)
He is blessed with the ability to represent complex relationships in a simple manner. It enables its interested audience to grasp and understand scientific data and facts quickly and, above all, holistically. This results in a deep understanding and, above all, the desire for concrete action and change. For the children, for society, for a better world!

livro do alemao.jpeg

Лусиана Диниз: “сила — это энергия” 

Лусиана Диниз — известная португальская всадница, одна из лучших конкуристок в мире, многократная победительница крупнейших международных турниров, участница четырех Олимпийских игр, автор «метода бабочки» и нескольких обучающих книг о конном спорте.

Лусиана рассказала порталу о своей подготовке к Олимпийским играм в Токио, новых книгах, которые планирует выпустить, «неконных» увлечениях и хобби...


Exclusive HSJ's interview with Luciana Diniz

The protagonist of this week's "HSJ's Interview" is one of the most important riders in the international show jumping scene, Luciana Diniz, born in San Paulo, Brazil, in 1970. She changed her nationality to Portuguese in 2006, at the age of 36, eighteen years after leaving for Europe to begin her career as a professional rider.
As Luciana told us, the passion for horses has always characterized her family: 




Springtraining mit Luciana Diniz

– die Butterfly Methode.

Read the article

Good balance on the horse is a very important aspect for being a confident rider.

From Germany


Taking away your stirrups and training for 20 minutes without them and taking them back is an amazing feeling. In My Way Masterclass III- The Heart Butterfly- you can learn how Cavaletti works will also help building core muscles. You can find more details at

Monday with Luciana - Episode 1 - The Heart Butterfly

From Germany


The core of The Heart Butterfly Exercises. You can find more details at: Instagram: @luciana_diniz11 Facebook: Luciana.Diniz11

Watch this and all the other episodes on my Youtube channel

Qual é a importância do exame de compra? Luciana Diniz e Dra. Santina Moral

From Brazil


I have the pleasure of talking in this live with Doc. Santina Moral about the importance of the pre-purchase exam. We participated in 5 Olympic Games, myself as a show jumper and Doc. Santina as a FEI


Luciana Diniz live interview at Benfica Independet

From Portugal


No oitavo episódio do programa #Atétokyo​​ conversamos com Luciana Diniz, cavaleira na modalidade de saltos de obstáculos com presença assegurada nos jogos olímpicos. Visitem o nosso site: Apoiem o projecto no Patreon:

'A Moment in Time Podcast' with sports psychologist Jean Cyrille. Jean and Luciana discuss how he assisted Luciana to ride her horse Dover in the World Championships in Aachen in 2006 for the first time for Portugal. Dover was not considered to be up to the task because if his age, his diminutive size and because he would be at his absolute maximum over the huge fences they would face. Watch and see how Luciana, Dover and Jean achieved what was not thought possible.e give, thereby creating predictability and security for the horse, making him confident and relaxed in any situation. 


Listen to several experts in a variety of equestrian topics.

A moment in time podcast

Jean Cyrille

Delilah Cuddihy

A Moment in Time Podcast’ with Irish student of Equitation Science International Delilah Cuddihy and Lucina discuss what Delilah has so far learned about training horses using Equitation Science, as a basis for training in all competitive disciplines, where welfare of the horse and meeting its natural ethogram needs are paramount.


with Luciana

#1 Success with my Butterfly Method ® 


Whether you are a professional or an ambitious amateur, whether you want to win the Grand Prix in a jump-off or just bring a little variety into your training. My Butterfly Method will take you and your horse to a whole new level. The key to success lies within yourself. And I will help you to find it. Let's start together. Jump for your dreams. Your first training session is waiting for you - free of charge. Register and start today! 

#2 Free online class with Luciana Diniz

Whether you are a professional or an ambitious amateur, whether you want to win the Grand Prix in a jump-off or just bring a little variety into your training. My Butterfly Method will take you and your horse to a whole new level. The key to success lies within yourself. And I will help you to find it. Let's start together. Jump for your dreams. Your first training session is waiting for you - free of charge. Register and start today! 

Video Gallery

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Fit For Fun- A family horse

Untypical comeback

Horse power with Lennox

Who goes to Rio?

Luciana Diniz

On the road 

Fit for Rio

Clinic Videos

G.R.O.W. Ride Aachen - Folge 1

G.R.O.W. Ride Aachen - Folge 2

G.R.O.W. Ride Aachen - Bruno Delgrande

China Stable 2018

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Riding

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Felipe Morgan

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Yard and Stable

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Riding

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Body

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Mind

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Emotions

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Energy

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Relationships

G.R.O.W. Helvetia 2018 - Dreams

Wachtberg 2018

Wachtberg 2018 - Sunday

Germany 2017 - Sopot

Geneve 2017 - Growing together

Germany 2017 - Immersion Day 3

Germany 2017 - Butterfly Excercise Day 2

Brazil 2017 - Corporate Clinic

Other videos

Growing towards the light in Frankfurt

Luciana Diniz talking with Max Kuehner


Photo Gallery

Tokyo 2021

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