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LD Art Collection

LD Art Collection inspired by the masters of painting, made especially for Luciana Diniz by Urban Arts.

Product for sale in Brazil only.

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí

Spanish Surrealist painter and printmaker, influential for his explorations of subconscious imagery. Dali was both - an art and science connoisseur. He held a particular fascination with the double helix, which appeared in many of his paintings, such as these paintings.

Dali I

Welcome the butterfly gut feelings, they can be precious and make us alive before, during and after competition.

Even in the most tense moments of a course, we can still visualize the butterflies and put ourselves in a place where we find peace and tranquillity to finish the course without mistakes.

Dali II

For me it means that even in the most tense moments you need to visualize the butterflies and put yourself in a place where you will find peace and tranquility to finish the parcour without fail.