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My Friends

Fit For Fun

Hannoveraner, Fuchsstute, *2004
v. For Pleasure-Fabriano
Z.: Sigrid Crome-Sperling
B.: Luciana Diniz und Ralf Jünger

A wonderful mare who came into my life and gave me many moments of grace and many insights. Fit For Fun is pure lightness and joy, and has everything a jumping horse needs.

Fit For Fun, also called Fitti, is my "pretty girl". She is simply beautiful and downright magic! Fit For Fun bears her name for good reason. It is pure pleasure to ride her.



BWP, Schimmelhengst, *1999
v. Darco-Cassini,

Z.: Harrie Theeuwes
B.: Societe Civile de l‘Ecurie de Meautry

The Greatest Master, Winningmood is more than imposing: it is a stallion with a big spirit full of light. True to his name, he is a horse who taps into a winning mood.


Winny was born in Belgium and grew up in a dealing-and-breeding stable, suffused with a spirit of competition.

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Oldenburger, brauner Wallach, *2001
v. Lifestyle-Grannus
Z.: Aloys Hinxlage
B.: Arnaldo u. Luciana Diniz

Lennox is my best friend ever. I have learned a lot from him, from going up and down to never giving up. We have truly made the impossible become possible in some of our victories.

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Vertigo Du Desert

SF, Schimmelwallach, *2009
v. Mylord Carthago-Robin II Z

Vertigo Du Desert, my playful boy, pure joy, innocence and self-assurance at the same time. He is just what he is, my hope for an Olympic gold medal.

Little Do, a nobody from overseas who came out big in Europe. Dover was a genius. Extremely smart, he always gave everything at every jump. He holds a very special place in my heart.


Brasilianisches Sportpferd
Fuchshengst, *1989
v. Folclorico xx-Remanso
Z.: Haras Guancan

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Chacco Blue II

OS, Hengst, *2007

v. Chacco-Blue - Cincaba Rouge
Z.: Gestüt Lewitz

This is a special stallion with many qualities. He is adorable both in the stables and at the show, the grooms love him. He is a total gentleman, very elegant in the way he moves, just like a lord.


He is a beautiful blue-eyed horse that is very dear to me, since it’s been of my best horses since my young age. Although he is blind in one eye, I love having him as part of my team.



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