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Welcome to Luciana Diniz free class!

"My goal is to make you even more successful as a rider, trainer, coach and equestrian enthusiast in your chosen fields, no matter what your starting point or what your difficulties might be, whether you are a high level competitor, a beginner, or a non-rider"

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Hi, my name is

Luciana Diniz

I’m an international and Olympic showjumper. Over the last 30 years of my career, I have created a methodology for my success.

I’ve prepared a free online class where I will explain this methodology and share with you all my knowledge, everything I have learned.

Performance in sport, as in professional and personal life, depends on a balance of many factors, and on continuous work on the technical, emotional and energetic side of the sport, and on the connections we need to establish with our horses, with our team and even in interpersonal relationships along the way.

To learn more about how balancing different elements of life and of competition can help you.


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My mission is to inspire human development 

and riding skills to grow and glow.


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Luciana Diniz

Olympic athlete, visionary, coach, entrepreneur, mother and writer

My Story

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