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Online courses to express your potential in riding

and in life

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Luciana Diniz

"                      is to make you even more                          as a rider, trainer, coach and equestrian enthusiast in your chosen fields, no matter what your starting point or what your difficulties might be, whether you are a high level competitor, a beginner, or a non-rider"

My goal


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Olympic athlete, visionary, coach, entrepreneur, mother and Author

Luciana Diniz

Olympic athlete, visionary, coach, entrepreneur, mother and writer

My Story


My                       is to inspire human development and riding skills

to                 and glow.



Luciana Diniz Academy's program is based on a holistic approach to 8 essential aspects of life.

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My Way

A video series created for educational purposes and addressing the Butterfly Method. It will help YOU improve your riding abilities, as well as your set of skills and knowledge in the equestrian and psychological fields.

"My Way Masterclass" is a series for practical training to get to know the "BUTTERFLY METHOD", starting from level 1, "The Fundamentals", and coached by Olympic Show Jumper Luciana Diniz.


My Way

1 Fundamentals

. Be one with your horse

. Flatwork

. Distances

. Cavaletti and Poles on the ground

2 Lemniscate

. Balance

. Breathing

. Lemniscate exercise

3 Shamrock

. Mental training

. Shamrock exercise

4 Butterfly

. Morning routine

. Butterfly selfie

. Butterfly exercise


The 8-Aspect Reinforcement Program

The Butterfly Method Certificate

This certificate is for riders, trainers and non-rider, passionate equestrians to teach their students using the Butterfly Method and live training stages.

Academy Certificate

In addition to the masterclasses, you will receive:

• 4 homework activities 

• Access to 4 webinars

• Participation to a 4-day special clinic for trainers

If there are more than 16 participants, Luciana may go to your country; otherwise, she will choose a convenient date and place for you to do the clinic.

Due to corona time, help us make a 4 Days clinic for LDBM Trainer Certificate     

I created the 8-Aspect Reinforcement Program together with the experts that made a difference in my life to support you in this transforming e-learning curve, which gives you tools to practice in your daily life.

The 8-Aspect Reinforcement Program

An exclusive community and member area 
A different aspect addressed every every month
A monthly live and Q&A session
Strategies to transform your dreams into goals and reality



with Leonardo Rauscher


2-How to deal with your emotions

with Bettina Hallifax.


3-Jean Cyrille,

sports psychologist

4-To be continue...

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GROW RIDE 2RideGreat

A culturally integrated Equestrian Riding Clinic that will provide YOU with specific tools in a transforming and unique life-changing experience to aquire the skills and competence of a true champion.


GROW RIDE  2RideGreat

Germany 2017

China 2018

Brazil 2018 and 2019

Books, e-Books and Workbooks

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Jump 4 Your Dreamns!

This book is a template for All that is Luciana; her story, her horses, all she believes in. It’s also a training manual complete with advice on all aspects of horse care, riding, jumping exercises and also how to organize yourself mentally and physically to be your best-all you need to get you started on your way. Read on and be inspired…


The journey from preparation to execution at the Rio Olympics – Luciana and her horse Fit For Fun take you on their up and down pendulum journey; from Olympic preparation for Rio to the daily experience of being part of the Olympic competitors village, the competitions, through to the individual jumping final. Read on and re-live their fascinating and challenging journey…

Workbook and pocket book coming soon

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Send us your poem/art to our Connections. 
The best ones will earn gifts monthly:
October- t-shirts from jane Horsery Special collection for LD
November- one month subscription For The 8-Aspects Reinforcement program
December- a jewel designed specially for Luciana

LD Art Collection inspired by the masters of painting, made especially for Luciana Diniz by Urban Arts.

Product for sale in Brazil only

For overseas destination, send us an email

LD Art Collection

LD Art Space

I want to share my success secrets with YOU and YOUR company. Because - as a business woman - I know that a successful company needs willpower, leadership, senses and aroused emotions. THE GROW CORPORATE WORKSHOP contains everything I do for my personal path to success. It is a rich learning environment for people to reach their maximum potential to fly in sports and in life and also in a worldwide movement. As a unique experience with a holistic view, the workshop unleashes the hidden talents within each individual - from the inside out - in a dynamic and joyful way!

A multidisciplinary workshop to develop leadership, self-knowledge and team spirit in its participants, in addition to improving psychomotricity and driving change and personal growth. Horses are our vital allies in this process.
All the program’s contents are training experiences related to Equus Coaching, which is a form of coaching where horses are part of the team. Activities take place during one or two days. People with or without equestrian experience may join. All exercises are adjusted to each group’s particularities – for instance, co-workers, families, or others.


GROW Corporate Workshop

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