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Send us your poem/art to our Connections. 
The best ones will earn gifts monthly:
October- t-shirts from jane Horsery Special collection for LD
November- one month subscription For The 8-Aspects Reinforcement program
December- a jewel designed specially for Luciana

Joan Miro’ was a Spanish artist and one of the major artists of the 20th century. Considered a Surrealist, for the dreamlike automatism of his works. He was a painter, sculptor, ceramicist, creator of tapestries, book illustrator, stage designer and a very prolific and experimental printmaker using etching, engraving, aquatint and lithography in his works on paper.


It symbolizes the mental confusion and quantity of thoughts that can distract us during a competition. The solution is not to try to avoid them but just ignore them when they come. UrbanArts

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LD Art Space

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