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LD Connections

Horses, riders, experts, community and art

Horse Call

Where riders meet horses and horses meet riders.

A space where the community can exchange, sell and buy products, services and horses.

Would you like to share your horse with us? Click at button below and send us a video.

Talk with Luciana and her Experts

Jean Cyrille

Sports psychologist Jean Cyrille

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Dra. Santina

Santina- FEI Official Veterinarian

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Bettina Hallifax

Bettina isn an...

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Share your story

Emotional Talk with special people around the world.

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LD Art Collection

LD Art Collection inspired by the masters of painting, made especially for Luciana Diniz by Urban Arts.

Product for sale in Brazil only

For overseas destination, send us an email

LD Art Space

Send us your poem/art to our Connections. 
The best ones will earn gifts monthly:
October- t-shirts from jane Horsery Special collection for LD
November- one month subscription For The 8-Aspects Reinforcement program
December- a jewel designed specially for Luciana

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