The Butterfly Method

What does the Butterfly Method mean?

My comprehensive Butterfly Method enables improvement in riding and greater personal development. The jumping exercises will strengthen your technique, your riding skills and your emotional well-being, while the Butterfly Experience will enhance your spiritual growth.
One of the intentions of the Butterfly Method is to provide a “safety net” to build confidence among horses and riders while jumping courses.

What does the symbol of the butterfly mean?

The butterfly stands for infinite possibilities of body and emotional change. It inspires us to move from difficulties to resolutions, from uncertainties to success, from dreams to goals and, finally, the reality of a fulfilled life.

What is the G.R.O.W. philosophy?

My philosophy is G.R.O.W. for a fulfilled life:

G. set your goals

R. what is your reality?

O. what are your options?

W. put goals into work


Turn your goals into a daily reality.

What is the Butterfly Method for?

My Butterfly Method represents transformation in riding and in personal development. It is for everybody – not only for riders!


And the strategy

My strategy is Think Act Live

My Way Masterclass

What do the 8 aspects mean?

My Butterfly Method is based on a holistic approach of 8 aspects that I find  are essential in my life. These 8 aspects are:

1. Self awareness

2. Dreams & Goals

3. Activities

4. Body & Mind

5. Emotions

6. Connections

7. Success

8. Energy


My Butterfly Method has the power to transform


• your doubts into confidence and self-assurance

• chaos and confusion into harmony and flow

• conflict into resolution

• anxiety and a need to rush into patience

• fear into confidence, power and trust


Are you ready to come and join us?

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